For Patients & Parents

You will receive a training session in hospital (and/ or at home) and should be given plenty of time to practice before being discharged home. Your nurses will use a special form to help guide the teaching you need. This is completed at the end of training to ensure you are happy with all aspects of feeding and caring for a gastrostomy tube.

What you will need to tube feed

Items required for tube feeding Provided by
Pump Tube feed company
Pump frame (optional) Tube feed company
Feed Pharmacist/ dietitian/ nurse/ tube feed company
Feeding sets and accessories Tube feed company
Syringes Tube feed company
Backpack (optional) Tube feed company

Pumps, feeding sets, accessories and syringes

Your tube feeding pump will be supplied on long term loan by the company that’s been assigned to you upon your discharge from hospital. To maintain your pump in good working order, make sure you keep its instruction guide handy.  You will have the opportunity to go through any questions with your nurse before being discharged home. Most instruction guides also have troubleshooting information in the event of a malfunction or alarm being activated.

Depending on local arrangements you may receive up to 3-5 days supply of Feeding sets (and accessories if required) and feed when you are discharged from hospital, this will cover you until your first home delivery comes. Always make sure you keep a 7 day emergency supply, and make sure you contact your delivery company or person who is responsible for placing your order on your behalf in plenty of time to reorder supplies to make sure you don’t run out.

Tube feed

Typically, your discharging hospital will provide you or your loved one with an adequate supply of feed until your delivery from your tube feeding company arrives.