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Understanding the decision to tube feed

Your healthcare professional has recommended tube feeding for you or your loved one. Perhaps you had time to consider the option of tube feeding in hospital. Or the decision to start tube feeding might have been made very quickly. Either way, it’s natural to feel concerned or overwhelmed when you’re first faced with the prospect of tube feeding. The right tube feeding support, guidance and information can help you gain the knowledge and confidence you need to understand and accept the decision to start tube feeding.

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Starting and going home

Once you and your healthcare team have decided that tube feeding is the best option for you or your loved one, and you understand its benefits, risks, procedure and implications, then arrangements will be made to start tube feeding. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed, but there will be plenty of support for you as you get started with tube feeding in hospital, and during your transition home.

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Living with tube feeding

Tube feeding can be a life-saving change, but also a life-altering one. Nearly every aspect of your life will be affected by tube feeding, and with time and experience, you’ll learn how to adjust and adapt. Relationships with your family and friends might shift. How you socialise or what activities and hobbies you continue (or have time for) may change.

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